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My portraits are designed to capture the soul essence of the subject, enabling it to shine through.  

Tips for ideal portrait photos are shown below.  I

Here are the steps to commission an oil painting:

Step 1.  Choose your photo/s

Please email me a few pictures so that I can get a good idea of your painting.

Step 2. Decide on a canvas size

Please email me to confirm your quote and determine timing

Step 3. Deposit

Once price and size, etc have been agreed, a 50% deposit is required upfront.

Step 4. Delivery

On completion, I will send you an image of the final painting for your approval.  Once approved by you and the balance is paid, shipping will take place.

Tips for ideal photography:

  • Lighting: The subject is well lit with the light coming from the front or the side, thus creating a lighter and darker side. Ideally not from behind as this obscures details of the subject's features.

  • Level picture: Try to get a level photo, not a "top down" picture. 

  • Clarity: Cell phone pictures are just as good as a good camera, provided the photo is of a sufficiently high resolution to be clear

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