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About Me

As a young child I learned to draw portraits of humans and animals, hence I am largely a self-taught artist.  After venturing into careers including as a hydrogeologist and later as a leadership consultant/coach, I set my art aside but returned to it again around the age of forty. After that I began taking classes in oil painting and over time developed my own style. Painting with oils is my medium of choice though many of my paintings use an acrylic underpainting or background. 


My work likes to retain an element of realism, yet also to weave abstract forms into the same painting.  This reflects my passion for the interplay and ultimate balance of complementary opposites, such as the Yin and Yang found in human beings. I'm also drawn to expressing the inexpressible, the underlying reality of life such as the spirit dwelling in humans and animals. 

I take commissions locally and internationally.

Only reputable couriers are used to deliver your artwork to you. 

Please contact me if you're interested in a particular artwork or a commission. 

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